Friday, February 5, 2010

The World Needs More Stache!

who doesn't think mustaches are hilarious?!! i know my husband does, he's infatuated with them and he can't see one without cracking up.  the worst part about his infatuation though is that he likes to grow one every now and then, for the weekend, and it's always a nasty one like a 70's porn star or handle bar - it's funny, but oh so disgusting all at the same time!

anyways, he has a man cave and i so want to decorate it with stache wall decor! stache decor?! yes, there really is such a thing and it's even more funny than the real thing - ok, maybe not, but it's pretty darn funny!
via: Urban Outfitters
this is totally worth the $38, and it is currently in my shopping cart at my favorite decor store -!  lllove it!

oh, and how about this one i found - DIY stache art!  It's pretty easy and again, i'm going to have to do it and i can't wait.  mostly though i can't wait to see what visitors think and say!  hahaha!
via: Stephanie Sabbe - Sabbe Design
if you happen to be interested in making this awesome stache art for yourself or someone who might find it as hilarious as i do, you can find the directions here, at SabbeSpot!

i can't wait to get started on my new stache project, i can't even keep a straight face when i type stache!  this is going to be fun!  oh and just for even more giggles, here is a shot of the husband with one of his ridiculous staches...
See you next time! xoxo!

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  1. I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Burt Reynolds would be so proud of us:)