Friday, February 5, 2010

The World Needs More Stache!

who doesn't think mustaches are hilarious?!! i know my husband does, he's infatuated with them and he can't see one without cracking up.  the worst part about his infatuation though is that he likes to grow one every now and then, for the weekend, and it's always a nasty one like a 70's porn star or handle bar - it's funny, but oh so disgusting all at the same time!

anyways, he has a man cave and i so want to decorate it with stache wall decor! stache decor?! yes, there really is such a thing and it's even more funny than the real thing - ok, maybe not, but it's pretty darn funny!
via: Urban Outfitters
this is totally worth the $38, and it is currently in my shopping cart at my favorite decor store -!  lllove it!

oh, and how about this one i found - DIY stache art!  It's pretty easy and again, i'm going to have to do it and i can't wait.  mostly though i can't wait to see what visitors think and say!  hahaha!
via: Stephanie Sabbe - Sabbe Design
if you happen to be interested in making this awesome stache art for yourself or someone who might find it as hilarious as i do, you can find the directions here, at SabbeSpot!

i can't wait to get started on my new stache project, i can't even keep a straight face when i type stache!  this is going to be fun!  oh and just for even more giggles, here is a shot of the husband with one of his ridiculous staches...
See you next time! xoxo!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pom Poms!

a million years ago when i was planning my wedding i was on  all the time looking for wedding ideas and DIY wedding decor.  not only because i love everything weddings and just wanted to get some original fun ideas but we were originaly planning on having a small DIY wedding at my parents house, well outside.  it was all very exciting till we realized how much more work for even more money it would be!  our wedding ended up being the best wedding ever and at a great place, but more on that later, i'm sure!

one of my favorite ideas to spice up the decor for little money was the tissue paper pom poms... 

i still think of those all the time and i've seen them on a million other blogs since then, and lately to cutesie up living spaces, indoor and out.  you've probably seen them everywhere too.

via: fromthetortoiseandthehare
via: Making it Lovely
And the most lovely of all...

via: Ashley Ann Photography
So, i'm totally going to make them!  I have the perfect place, in the corner of my entry way.  i think they will be soo cute there and i can't wait to DIY!

the only problem i have though is that i just found a new version on, and i think it might be better than the tissue, it's fabric!  it seems like the fabric would last longer and you could dust them and not worry about them falling apart.  take a look...
they are still super easy, they will just cost a little bit more for the fabric than tissue paper, but i'm down!  I love them!  this weekend will for sure be a DIY weekend, well if i can find the perfect fabric now.  I better start looking!  i'll have my own pics to post soon, so stay tuned!

see you next time! xoxo!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Awww, Bedroom Envy...

so, since we moved i've been focusing on the living part of the house and our bedroom has been majorly neglected!  our old bedroom was cozy and warm, but the bedroom now is sad and pathetic!  the house had absolutley no color when we moved in, except some crazy barely blue that almost blinds you when you walk in to the master and in one of the spare rooms.  i have no idea what they were thinking, but whatever. our old bedroom was dark brown and all of the bedding was brown and curtains too, so it sounds kind of boring, but it's was calming and i lloved it!  my husband hated it, he says it was too dark and like everything else, he wanted to change it.

so, that's where i am, trying to think of what i want to do.  the two things i do know though, are that i want to paint the room orange, not like halloween orange but a little softer and i have, or so i think, found the bedding i want - only's kind of expensive, so i'm watching it to go on sale and will then snatch it up!!  here it is...
i absolutley love it, does my husband - it's not too feminine or boyish, it's perfect!  and it has orange in it, so i can still paint the room like i wanted!  although, i love this picture of it too, with red walls...

Isn't it lovely and fiesty?! I love the red too, i get it from my mom!
i also loved this one from Pottery Barn, but as you can see...

it's pretty girly...but i love girly! haha  i was thinking maybe for a guest bedroom though!  i know i could sneak it in that way!

like i said though it's more than i want to pay right now so i am keeping an eye on it, everyday!  while i watch it i've also still been looking at other places to see if anything may come up that i love even more, even though
i'm pretty set. BUT...when searching i found a super great place to get your own Bedding Envy, at!!!  they pull together some of some of the best looking bedding options i've seen in one place and they are all pretty much on sale at the time of the original posting and they give you the link directly to the source!  some i love...

this one is from, of course, my favorite place, Urban Outfitters!!  it's kind of vintage and simple and the bright green border just makes me smile.  it's so sweet!  the only thing about UO's bedding though is that they don't carry king sizes - ugh!
via: - found at
OMG!!!  i love this bedroom, i want it as my own, i would never want to leave!  from the paint, to the headboard and fireplace, window treatments and of course the matching bedding - it's gorgeous!  it's from Dillard's, love!
via: - found at Dillard'
And of course i love this's green and it has birds!! oh, and it's from Target! Target is my best friend, there isn't anything you can't find there!    
via: - found at
i can't wait to get new bedding and get our bedroom back to being a cozy, comfy place i want to relax in!  the worst part of not having our bedroom together is that this is about the coldest winter i can ever remember and our bedroom is the warmest place in the whole house.  all i want to do on these cold dreary days is lay in my warm room, in my warm bed and be surrounded by pretty, not blah! haha!

see you next time! xoxo!