Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pom Poms!

a million years ago when i was planning my wedding i was on MarthaStewart.com  all the time looking for wedding ideas and DIY wedding decor.  not only because i love everything weddings and just wanted to get some original fun ideas but we were originaly planning on having a small DIY wedding at my parents house, well outside.  it was all very exciting till we realized how much more work for even more money it would be!  our wedding ended up being the best wedding ever and at a great place, but more on that later, i'm sure!

one of my favorite ideas to spice up the decor for little money was the tissue paper pom poms... 

via: MarthaStewart.com
i still think of those all the time and i've seen them on a million other blogs since then, and lately to cutesie up living spaces, indoor and out.  you've probably seen them everywhere too.

via: fromthetortoiseandthehare
via: Making it Lovely
And the most lovely of all...

via: Ashley Ann Photography
So, i'm totally going to make them!  I have the perfect place, in the corner of my entry way.  i think they will be soo cute there and i can't wait to DIY!

the only problem i have though is that i just found a new version on OnceWed.com, and i think it might be better than the tissue, it's fabric!  it seems like the fabric would last longer and you could dust them and not worry about them falling apart.  take a look...
via: OnceWed.com
they are still super easy, they will just cost a little bit more for the fabric than tissue paper, but i'm down!  I love them!  this weekend will for sure be a DIY weekend, well if i can find the perfect fabric now.  I better start looking!  i'll have my own pics to post soon, so stay tuned!

see you next time! xoxo!

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