Friday, January 29, 2010

How to start?!

I really have no idea...haha...but maybe i should just jump in and start sharing my latest favorite things from anywhere and everywhere i can find.  Things that i love are home decor and all things weddings, it's a weird mix but it's just llove, what can i say.  so randomly there will probably be wedding info found here too.

I just search the internet when i'm bored when i'm not busy and when i'm at work, shhh!  I just love it and i love finding all kinds of new, neat, pretty creative things and ideas, at not very expensive prices or even better DIY.  mostly though i always wanted to find one place to find everything in one, obviously that could be a lots of sites that i llove but i also wanted to put my own spin on everything in one blog...i hope you fall in love with some of my faves and get some ideas while you're at it. we go! xoxo

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