Friday, January 29, 2010

Houst Beautiful Paint Brush - try it, seriously!

Hi - Hi!

as i mentioned my husband and i just bought our second house.  well the dreadful painting regimen has begun, actually some of it's already done and it was dreadful!!  we painted two main areas, living, kitchen and entry.  the spaces all bled together so it was the best place to start, plus i was having a party and i wanted it to be super cute!! 

anyways, once the paint was up, i freaked!  it's not what i wanted it was sooo bright.  to be fair i wanted it to be bright cause it was a complete 360 from our first house, which was all western decor and neutral tones.  but once i waited a few days i ended up loving it, i mean it could still have been a little lighter but it was the there and no one was going to change it!

now, mom found the House Beautiful Paintbrush, which is the most awesome and takes a lot of the guess work out of picking the perfect paint color right at your computer.  all you do is pick the room you are looking to paint, right now i'm figuring out how i want to do my spare bath.  then you choose the color system you will be using, so if you are going to be purchasing from Lowe's you would select Valspar etc., and then drag the color wheel up and down until you find the right hue and tone you are looking for.  select the wall and or trim you want to see and voila, you get to see what it would look like right then, no work just clicking!!!  it gives the exact color name and you can test as many colors as you want, adn then take it to store and buy away!  now if we could only just click to get it on our walls, right?! 

for me and my spare bathroom i am wanting to do the ceiling only, and in turquoise, so you can only imagine how awkward that would be to test out paint colors in the room.  with this i can see how just painting the ceiling will look.  I only wanted to paint the ceiling because i wanted to keep it frilly and simple, especially since the others rooms are already so bright, but while also adding some real drama and interest into the room.  i think people will come in to use the lou and say "hmm?" - haha, or at least i hope, that's my plan at least.  i got the idea from, here's the pic:

and here is my creation and paint pick from using HB Paint Brush.  what do you think! Pretty wild, yet simple, huh?!

I hope you check it out and find it very useful, i know i do.  use it, love it!

See you next time! xoxo

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